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Nov 7, 2009 5:30am EST
fabulous fruit. >> reporter: he grows the grapes. his wife lisa makes the wine. both are former i.t. special ifrts who bought the vineyard in 2001. the land had been farmed commercially with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. they decided to make it biodynamic. >> it is the way my dad used to farm. >> reporter: they you view the land as a whole organism, respecting everything from the soil to the bugs. >> think first and foremost, we look at the earth as a living organism, as opposed to a rock with things growing on it. >> reporter: it feeds the soil with organic matter. the weeds, the bugs, they have their purpose and they're controlled naturally. >> we have sheep that we keep in the vineyards to help keep the grasses low. >> reporter: and the moon. biodynamic farmers believe in guidance from the faces of the moon. >> you almost have to make a leap of faith that it really does have an effect. and this is one large ecosystem that we need to become one with. >> reporter: biodynamic farming is taking root in wine country. featured on the cover two years ago you was the first to g
Nov 14, 2009 5:30am EST
university hospital infectious disease specialist dr. lisa fitzpatrick show germ can live as long as two days outside the environment in some environments. in high traffic areas like offices with so many people going about their daily routine, the area can become a virtual petrie dish for germ like h1n1. >> the flu virus is pretty opportunistic. it will land and survive wherever it can. >> the doctor reminds everyone, when warrishing your hands, was with warm soapy water to kill those germs. >>> still to come, catch up with sugar lay leonard. and we'll >>> d.c. mayor you was riding his bike illegally on the parkway. >> i didn't know you it was prohibited. so kudos to them form i talked to a lot of bicyclists. they didn't know either. >> this exclusive video you was shot. u.s. park police could be firm that they apparently broke the law while they rode through prohibited areas. it didn't matter that they had a police escort. the mayor said he does not plan to violate any more cycling laws. >>> news on the more romantic sort for another d.c. official. there's word the he is too school's chancel
Nov 28, 2009 5:30am EST
, virginia newsome and lisa shaw showed up. the deputy left. they thought the turk quli goey gone, too. >> i saw him chasing me down. and came up on the side of me and literally got flovein fronty car and stopped me. >> reporter: he came back and climbed atop the animal control truck. he may like the lights. >> i believe strongly it was the lights. it was the strobe lights that had him attached to the vehicle. >> reporter: the officers took the piures and video with their cell phones. for three weeks he's been wabbling around route 7 in ashburn. the turkey is still on the lamb tonight. >> it's not mating season. it's not typical for him to be looking for a hen. however, he just happens to be really out here and looking for attention. >> now a warning. if you happen to see this turkey on the road, he could try to bond with your vehicle and then follow you to your destination. so our advice, don't slow down unless you still need a bird for your holiday dinner. >>> still to come on "news 4 this week," beyonce did it to slim down. it could wreak havoc on your body. >>> and a special going green
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3